Virtual Office (HQ) Service

What is Virtual Office (HQ) Service?

Virtual Office or, in other words, official seat service is complex solution which is strictly legislated in Hungary. The Tax Office (NAV) regquires all official seat service providers to be registered and monitored. Also, seat service contracts should be formulated in writing and for 1 year none of the parties can initiate the ordinary termination of the contract. Of course, in exceptional cases, the termination is possible (e.g. the client goes bankrupt).

Before you enter into any legal relationship with a seat service provider, make sure that person is registered by NAV. You may check out this at the official register of seat service providers by downloading either the Excel file or the PDF and look for your provider in the list.

You may also make a contract with us electronically if you are considered a low-risk client (i.e. there are no high risk factors like coming from a risky country which is listed by our National Bank)

Please also note that the virtual seat service contract should be reported to NAV by using tax from T201T or T101E depending on the form of your enterprise.

This is the pefect service for you if you need a tax office registered trusted virtual office (HQ) for your company or for your private enterprise.

If you are a non Hungarian resident person and you have a local company, you will have to assign a delivery agent. A delivery agent is a person, who takes your mails in your name and forwards them to you.

Our service includes:



All prices and fees are VAT inclusive.

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